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Sponsors & Donors

Talk that Talk would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity and support of the show’s endeavors. Whether you are providing a hosting site or provide the show with apparel (and everything in-between), you are appreciated and we’re grateful for your kindness. With your help, we are proud to provide our listeners with a change of scenery for show content or perhaps help them to a promo code that serves as a discount for merchandise, among other things. If you’d like to be a sponsor, contact us at

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Center for the Young + Gifted
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Talk that Talk would like to thank our donors for their generous contributions of any sort. You are helping to fund operational cost, product manufacturing as well as future events. In addition, our listeners are being provided with the best material possible set forth by those entrusted with donations and those who make the donations. If you’d like to be a donor, contact us at

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